What makes upholstery fabrics distinctive?



The visual aspect of your furniture is essential in establishing your home’s first impression. Our upholstery ensures that everyone that walks in your home will be greeted with class and elegance.



Looking good does not need to come at the expense of practicality. Dazzle your guests visually then impress them through the functionality of our fabrics.



Longevity is a sign of good fabric quality. Our collections ensure your furniture will be ever-lasting as it resists, persists and protects.



A quick feel of our fabric and you can understand that luxury remains a goal for any upholstery that we create. We want to create an experience that will last you for the rest of your life.

About Guta Fabrics

Designed to protect your furniture from every kind of stain or damage, Guta ensures stellar quality and craftsmanship with excellent visual acuity to boot.

BRAND: Fiber Pro

Designed with the latest electrostatic technology from Belgium, FiberPro’s emphasis lies in its functionality. Any spills, stains or dirt build-up you might have can be wiped off in an instant.

BRAND: Vivalife

Produced with convenient cleaning in mind, Vivalife also guarantees its collection remains eco-friendly. Made using upcycled fibres, every piece of Vivalife cloth is recyclable – promoting its mission of environmental sustainability.

Guta aims to be the market leader of fabric suppliers in Malaysia.

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